The story behind our rebranding

CODE2ORDER is now straiv

Learn all about our new brand and why we decided to rebrand

Play Video about Alexander Haußmann und Patrick Luik über das Rebranding von CODE2ORDER zu straiv

The start of our journey

Seven years ago, we started with the idea of enabling orders and payments via QR code using the guest's own terminal device (and without downloading an app) in the restaurant industry. When we started this idea in Gastro, CODE2ORDER was the appropriate name for our solution.

Die Gründer von straiv: Patrick Luik, Fabian Hieber, Alexander Haußmann

Various changes to the business model

With our strategic change - from gastronomy to hotel business - it was clear to us from the beginning that our company name no longer fit the new business model properly. At that time, however, our biggest and most important goal was to drive the solution forward and to put all our personal effort into developing it - so that we could offer our customers the best possible support with relevant solutions. Especially as a self-financed company, it was important to set this focus clearly.

The idea of changing the name matures

The idea of implementing a new name in the market was never completely gone. With a rapidly growing number of customers, the consolidation of the company in the German-speaking market and the increasing relevance of our solutions, we came to the decision: change now, or never. To strengthen our identity and develop an attractive and meaningful brand, we brought in an experienced consultancy that has already been very successful in helping digital companies transform their names.

From the "first workshop" to the "new name

In the beginning, it was first about developing our vision & mission with the agency and clearly defining our identity. Our partner then worked with us to come up with a new name for our company, and we were able to choose from several suggestions - however, it became clear pretty quickly which name it was going to come down to. A key premise was that the new name would provide us with the best possible support for our upcoming internationalization and that our brand identity could be uniquely and unbiasedly built by us.

Eine Hauptprämisse war, dass der neue Name uns bei der anstehenden Internationalisierung bestmöglich unterstützt und unsere Markenidentität einzigartig und unvoreingenommen durch uns aufgebaut werden kann.

Our identity

We are a passionate, innovative partner - and digital companion to the hotel industry. We convince through reliability, ambition and quality and create with our solutions a considerable added value for our customers and partners through time and cost savings.

sociable + innovative + reliable + authentic + ambitious + genuine + warm + communicative + committed + self-confident + open + straightforward + approachable

straiv reflects our identity

The name straiv is similar to the English verb “to strive”, which conveys our high goal orientation and strong forward drive. The initial letters STR also refer to the connection of the company and the founders to the city of Stuttgart, as STR is the abbreviation for the airport in Stuttgart.


straiv also combines the three most important control commands of a keyboard and describes our technology as a shortcut, thus reflecting the digital shortcut to the various services of the hotel industry. With this adapted letter combination, familiar to most since their first contact with computers, we communicate the efficiency and automation that our solutions create in the industry.

In addition to the basic naming concept, the logo picks up the association with the English verb “strive”. The cursive font expresses high purposefulness and a strong forward drive. The design concept stands for movement, innovation and communication. The “i” dot behind the word mark expresses the “forward-thinking” self-image of our team and our identity.



We are very happy that we could visualize our corporate development from a “startup” to an established company. The name change is exclusively due to our upcoming phase – and has nothing to do with a change in the shareholding structure. Our structure, as well as the company form remains.

Ready for our next step forward?

We are and we are super excited for the next phase!


About straiv

straiv digitizes the guest journey in hotels. The hotel tech company focuses on a holistic approach with digital solutions for check-in & -out including web door opening, the digital guest directory and an automated guest journey messaging in the hotel. With the solutions, hotels optimize internal work processes and hotel guests benefit from a fast and easy service via their own smartphone.

All solutions are based on the latest Progressive Web App technology, which enables access via any device. Without a conventional app download. Currently, over 3,000 branded, individual and chain hotels in 29 countries rely on the progressive solution. The fast-growing company was founded in 2015 by Patrick Luik, Fabian Hieber and Alexander Haußmann with headquarters in Stuttgart and has already won several innovation awards.